Superior Blackcurrant Extracts

Freeze dried blackcurrant extracts manufactured in New Zealand containing up to 35% anthocyanin.

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NZP) manufactures freeze dried blackcurrant extracts containing up to 35% anthocyanins. Products are marketed under the Currantex™ and Delcyan™ brands. We place a strong emphasis on research and development and our products have been tested in a number of independent clinical studies.

Derived from New Zealand blackcurrants, our Currantex extracts are used in nutritional supplements which predominantly support vision health, gut health and good circulation, recent research suggests that blackcurrant anthocyanins play a crucial role in sports recovery.

Our products have also been tested in and are associated with the areas of mental acuity and performance under stress (Delcyan™), sports recovery, gut health, skin health and appearance…etc.

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Nutrition and Health

The blackcurrant, Ribes nigrum L., has been valued for centuries as a nutritious food and a wild, edible delicacy.

Good nutrition can benefit your health and lifestyle. Blackcurrants have high levels of anthocyanins, other polyphenols and vitamin C. They are low in calories and sodium and rich in vitamin A and potassium, with moderate quantities of the B vitamins thiamine and niacin.

Growing scientific evidence shows the special contribution of blackcurrants to maintaining health.

The use of blackcurrant fruit as an herbal medicine emerged in the middle ages when it was used extensively in natural health remedies. Today there is a growing body of scientific evidence which shows how blackcurrants can protect against oxidative damage and thus contribute to preventing ageing and disease. Blackcurrant is commonly known as 'Cassis' in France and Japan, and as 'Schwarze Johannisbeeren' in Germany.

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Our Company: from Farm to Extract

NZP offers technical expertise to help in the development and commercialisation of our customers’ products.

As the leading supplier of blackcurrant based nutraceutical ingredients, NZP develops and manufactures commercial ingredient products for use in nutritional supplements or as flavors or colorants. All of our products are manufactured in our own state of the art facility located in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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